Monday, September 28, 2009

I'm feeling very lucky!

The most of you know that I now have change my home office in a real working office.
This is the front side:

And this is "my door" to my workroom:

And why am I so lucky, you must think?
My neighbour have a store in.... beads and stuff. They also have a website: Mooiste Kralen. I was visiting him this morning and I was feeling like a child in a toysstore. It's feels the same, when I visit a store in cross stitch stuff. Do you know the feeling?

And a last picture I want to show you. My father had a good day last week and he wants to try my brother's motor! Only sitting though, that's safe:

No pictures yet from my WIP's and other projects to share. I'm working hard on projects for my PIF-member right now. Maybe at the end of the week; I'm trying to choose which projects I'm gonna start: something for Halloween or working on a WIP.

So till next time, lots of hugs and love!


Terri(TerriBoog) said...

So glad you got a great new office space, Carin. And, oh yes! I know the feeling of a store you love with so much too look at and touch and buy! Your dad looks great - you gave me a fright for a moment though - I thought surely, he didn't go riding on that thing. Whew!

Siobhan said...

Your new office space looks nice, Carin! Now tell the truth, did you pick it for the neighbor with the fun shop, or for the space itself? :) I'm glad your dad is raring to go!

Loraine said...

Great new office! How fun to pop over to the bead store now and then.
I love that picture of your Dad. I hope he is doing okay.
Take Care.