Thursday, November 26, 2009

Lots of finishes and progress-pictures!

Hi, you all! Pff, time flies.... it's been a long time, but I made lots of progress and some finishes. I've finished two PIF's and I decided that I will mail them out all at the same time. I can't make a choice who's first, second ... so that's what I will do then. It gives me more time to search for goodies en stuff for my PIF-members. Ofcourse I can't show any pictures before mailing them out.

For all the next pictures: if you want click to enlarge for a better look!

The first finish is from SamSarah - May: (flowers and bees :) Finished last Sunday.

The second finish is from SamSarah also - June: (strawberries ofcourse) Also finished last Sunday

And a close-up: (I really hate doing french knots)

And the first progress picture is from Mary Margaret - Carriage House Samplings:

I've finished the tree; now I have to fill it up.

And an other progress/start: I've made a little start on this one.

And this is how he will become when finished. Spooky!!!!!!!!!!

And this is my latest WIP. Almost done already... SamSarah July.

Can anyone please tell me: what are these "things"?

Next weekend will be busy for us also. Our youngest, Dorine, will try to swim for her second swimmingcertificate on Saterday. Keep your fingers crossed!

Thank you for looking and your comments. I appriciate them very much. I hope I will be able to post my next message a lot sooner next time!


Carin said...

Hi Carin, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog.
I love your works !!!! Did the little flower buttons come with the pattern (june - samsarah)? I'm still looking for this buttons.
The pattern of july are beach slippers (teenslippers.
Can't wait to see more resuslts of spooky and if it easy to finish it of.

Carin said...

Bedankt voor de link van justanotherbuttoncompany ! Ook bedankt voor de titels van de mooie boeken die je liet zien in een ouder bericht van Monica ferris (de borduurboeken). Hier ga ik zeker naar op zoek als verwoed lezer !

Patti said...

Hi Carin, Everything is just too gorgeous for words but then again everything you stitch always is. I LOVE them all.
Lots of Love
Patti xxx

Mylene said...

You sure been busy, Carin. Great finishes and progress on your new project.
Goodluck to your daughter for her swimming tomorrow.

Mãe da Rita said...

You've been busy, for sure! I LOVE SamSarah!! The close-up is fantastic!