Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothersday; happy and sad.

I've been spoiled a lot: selfmade gifts and a new watch from Swatch: de Mothersday Edition. And even a great breakfast with different kind of sandwiches and a boiled egg. Really great!

But... Mothersday was also a sad day. My mother was a survivor of breast cancer (both sides). Yes, was! During her 6 months check, the doctors found "something" again. She is now waiting for a puncture in her right breast. We all hope that it's nothing to worry about, but everybody knows better than that.
All these terrible things around our family, when will it stop?

I surely hope that all you mothers had a great day! Thank you for stopping by. I hope I have better news the next time.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

A litlle finish again!

A couple of days to late, but I've finished Baubles April from SamSarah yesterday evening:

Click on the photo for a bigger one.

When I was ready with this one, I went through my stash, to grab all the things I want to stitch for my PIF members. I'm so full of ideas that it's hard to choose. Hopefully everbody likes what I'm going to make for them.

Last monday when I went home from a client of work, there was an accident on the highway. There was a traffic jam for about one hour, and that's really bad for my knees. When I finally came home, I hardly could walk inside my home. My knees were stiff and very swollen. After a couple of days now, they still are. Unfortunately I had to take my medicine against rheumatism again for three days. So I hope that it will be better soon; my stitching room is on the 3th floor in the house.

Lots of love and hugs!

Thank you for reading and leaving all the lovely comments. I appreciate them very much.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Look what I found!

Finally I found two lovely baskets for my special stash. I found them in a Xenox store and they were the last two with roses.

The smaller one is complety filled in the colours: red, yellow/brown and blue:

And the bigger one (for now): 20 colours of ribbon, beads, eyelets and pins:

So filled with all the new stash won on Ebay.

Aren't they lovely? I hope I can found more of them later on.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Our holiday and my special PIF!

We had a great time during our holiday last week. Nice and sometimes warm wether and I had time to stitch also.

This was our cottage for the week:

We did a lot of "exercise" in this week: soccer, jumping on the airtrampoline, badminton and swimming. We went to the zoo and to the Efteling. Here are a couple of pictures:

Emma and Dorine walking around in the little forrest around there:

Jumping on the airtrampoline:

Our daily swimming, we are glad that both of them had at least one swimmingcertificate:

Playing soccer with daddy ofcourse:

My stitching progresses; I thought I had some more stitching done, but the light was terrible, so it didn't go very fast.

Baubles April from SamSarah:

Mary Margaret from Carriage House Samplings:

And ofcourse A Needlework Garden SAL, look a the link on the right. I will put the picture there later on.

And now it's time for my special PIF:

There were 5 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

1. Patti
2. Mylene
3. Jan
4. Terri
5. Loraine

As you can see I have five names now, so.....

I decided to stitch something for all five of you, ladies!
So please email me your address, you can find it in my profile.

Also the latest news on my father:
He went home on Friday the 24th of April!!!! Yes, it's true. He's doing great and we all hope that this will last for a long time. Very strong man!!!!

Till next time...
Lots of hugs and love.