Friday, August 28, 2009

I'm feeling very ashamed!

Oh oh, June 20th was my latest post. Shame yourself, Carin!!!! And I do, really!

I had a very busy and crazy time, unfortunately without stitching. Even during our holiday in Crete - Greece from August 3th till August 17th, I didn't stitch a single stitch on my projects. Now I had been sick there for two days there, but it was also to hot to stitch something. All we did was swimming and reading in the shade. The first week it was above 40 degrees.

Then the worries about my father (alive but fighting against his troubles), also my bad fingers and knees. And now we are very busy in my new (first) office. As you all know, I was working from home. But that was not working anymore (too much stuff and no privacy), so I had to hire a real office. It's only 5 minutes from my home, so that's very great. You never know... kids can become sick, or they have a holiday from school.
Last Sunday we (my DHB, my brother and I) did all the paintwork on the walls and put the plates for the window. Piece by piece cut on the same measurements.
Next Saterday and Sunday we are going to move all the cabinets, desk and other stuff to the office. So, for now it's time to fill the boxes with all of this.
Unfortunately I haven't internet there for the first 1,5 week, so I must work from home till then.

I planned the afternoons on Wednessday and Friday free for myself and my kids, so I hope that I'm getting enough courage to stitch on my beautiful projects again.

Hope to talk to you all soon; love and hugs... I've missed you all!