Sunday, September 20, 2009

A birthday present and a new stitching beauty!

Look what the postman brought me last week:

Patti sent me this lovely birthday gift. Isn't she sweet, this little lady? She will have a special place in my living room. Patti, again thank you so much best friend!

An other package was sent to me last week, and that's what I ordered from Traditional Stitches:

I've ordered the complete kit: 30-count purple linen, dmc floss and ofcourse the Spooky Tin along with the finishing kit. (click on picture to enlarge if you want)
It's was a very crazy week for me. I went to the doctors and he did an ECG for checking my heart. That was oke! Then he sent me to the hospital to have a mammography. That was oke too, at least no breastcancer. Why, you ask. Because I have terrible pain in my left breast and chest. Now I have to wait a couple of days and then I will know what it really is.

In the meanwhile I've finished my first PIF and I started the second one.

Till next time, love and hugs.

Thank you for all the comments, I appreciate them very much.


Patti said...

Carin once again you are so welcome. Also I love the kit you bought and can't wait to see you start it and of course finish it. Lots of Love Patti xxx

Deb said...

Carin, the little lady is so sweet and sweet of Patti for sending it to you. I love that kit, and I can't wait to see your start on it. Hope that you find out what the pain is caused from and that it's something very minor.

grace said...

What a beautiful lady! :) Such a sweet gift!

Jan said...

Carin, so glad you are okay, at least with the tests! Stress can cause some mighty weird things with our bodies sometimes. I do so hope you are getting enough rest!

What an adorable kit to stitch and assemble! Can't wait to see your progress on it!

Sweet of Patti, she is a love!

Melissa said...

Hi Carin,

That is a very cute present from Patti!

I'm sorry you've had this pain. Given the checks you'd mentioned maybe you pulled a muscle? Hopefully you will find the answer soon and it's nothing to worry about!

Take care,

SGVChicago said...

I am working on this kit as well.....the brim has many many color changes....goes a bit slowly for me. Your health is important....take care of yourself!