Sunday, November 29, 2009

She did it and a finish/start again!

Yeah, our youngest daughter got her 2nd swimmingcertificate yesterday, and I think you must know how we feel: very proud! And because she is only six years old; she doing it very quickly.

Just ready and still not smiling.

"Sinterklaas" gave it to her (finally a very little smile):

Click to enlarge for a better view.

And today I finished the buttons on SamSarah - Baubles July! So this is number seven out of twelve. Still five to go before December 31.

Also I made a new start a couple of days ago. You probably think: again? Yes, but this one has a special reason. Maybe you noticed the ticker on the left? I quited smoking six days ago, and therefore I allowed myself to start on The Shores of Hawk Run Hollow from Carriage House Samplings. This piece will always reminds me to quit smoking and what a difference it makes for me. Ofcourse I had/have some(more) bad days, but the good days will keep me going through this.
Finally after 25 years and several moves to quit, can I hold on?
And for the against smokers amoung us: I never smoked around my kids, always outside or far away from them! My kids are very proud and happy for me, that I have the strength to do this.

So here's a little new progress picture:

Thank you for stopping by and your lovely comments earlier. Till next time...
Lots of hugs and love.

Friday, November 27, 2009

How should I finish these?

There are different kind of ways to finish the monthly SamSarah's. I really don't know yet what I will do with them.

That's why I put a little poll on the left; scroll down a little bit.

I surely want to hear your ideas. Are there not the right answers, please left me a comment.

Thank you!

Thanks for visiting my blog and your comments, till next time...

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Lots of finishes and progress-pictures!

Hi, you all! Pff, time flies.... it's been a long time, but I made lots of progress and some finishes. I've finished two PIF's and I decided that I will mail them out all at the same time. I can't make a choice who's first, second ... so that's what I will do then. It gives me more time to search for goodies en stuff for my PIF-members. Ofcourse I can't show any pictures before mailing them out.

For all the next pictures: if you want click to enlarge for a better look!

The first finish is from SamSarah - May: (flowers and bees :) Finished last Sunday.

The second finish is from SamSarah also - June: (strawberries ofcourse) Also finished last Sunday

And a close-up: (I really hate doing french knots)

And the first progress picture is from Mary Margaret - Carriage House Samplings:

I've finished the tree; now I have to fill it up.

And an other progress/start: I've made a little start on this one.

And this is how he will become when finished. Spooky!!!!!!!!!!

And this is my latest WIP. Almost done already... SamSarah July.

Can anyone please tell me: what are these "things"?

Next weekend will be busy for us also. Our youngest, Dorine, will try to swim for her second swimmingcertificate on Saterday. Keep your fingers crossed!

Thank you for looking and your comments. I appriciate them very much. I hope I will be able to post my next message a lot sooner next time!