Monday, December 6, 2010

Just a quick note!

Hi all,

So sorry that you haven't heard from me, for a very long time.

Carin... I'm still stitching, but not that much I really want. I'm currently working on Baubles November and I've just finished October.
For the Shores, I've finished a block, number 3 and started on block 4. I'm still stitching for my PIF-members. I won't forget them.

What happened you may think.... a lot. Lets try to explain some.

I've troubles with my business for a couple of months now. So I decided to search for a businesspartner and we are going to start a new accountancybusiness together next month. We had to search for a new office also and we have a lot of other stuff to take care off. Lots of stress and lots of headaches.

Also I had my knee surgery on August 20th, and it's still not good. I have therapy every week, and the doctor said to me: it will never be good again for 100%. My knees will always stay bad. :(

My father is going worse every day. Lots of visits in the hospital and more troubles with this body. He is getting a colostomy next Friday. The doctors decided that after removing 3,9 liter of urine out his belly.

So lots of things happened and are still happening. I'm a lot on Facebook now to play eggbuddies, just to relax a little.

But... my DH and two girls are doing great and we are now planning a pleasant Christmas with the whole family.

I will try to put some pictures soon, I promise. From december 24th till the end of the year, I won't be working, so.... I should must have the time to do it then.

You are all in mind.
Lots of love and hugs...


Jan said...

Carin, hope things turn around for you very soon! You have been in my thoughts often. Post when you can and have a most wonderful and blessed Christmas with your dear family.


Carin said...

Oh Carin wat een sores allemaal. Hopenlijk gaat het met de nieuwe opstart van je bedrijf goed en wat balen van je knie. Mijn man is ook nog steeds aan het revalideren na zijn knieoperatie (nieuwe voorste knieband). Sterkte met je vader. Toch hele fijne kerstdagen met je familie !!!