Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Baubles December Finished!!!!!

Some days later than expected. But I did it; I finished Baubles December from SamSarah just a couple of minutes ago.

Nine pieces of gloves. And you really need them right now with all the snow outside and the low temperatures.

Now I'm gonna stitch some more on Christmas Trees II from Prairie Schooler:

Can anyone give me a hint for a good (web)shop where to buy any of this kind of wooden spools?

Lots of hugs and love, till next time...


Jan said...

Carin, you might be able to find those wooden spools at like hobby lobby or michaels, online! Just a thought!

That is adorable and I love your ornaments for the girls, never too late, is it? lol

Merry Christmas, my friend! May your days be blessed!