Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Needlework Garden SAL

Patti and I are going to start an SAL for this

We also started a blog for this and you can found the link for the blog on the right. If you want to join in, you can sent us an email, you are more than welcome.

In the meanwhile I stitched some more on my model. It's Fractal 149 Bookmark from Cross Stitch Collectibles. It takes a long time to fill in the middle part. From some colours you have to do only 1 cross stitch each time. So lots of colours changes.

This morning we also had a consultation in the hospital about my father. For now he must stay in the hospital; the catheter is back in again after one day. That's not going well. When there is no medical reason anymore to be there for him, he went to a kind of nursing home, for at least 4 weeks. Yesterday my mother has had an operation on her eye (cataract) and she can't take care of my father. We all think that she can't do it anymore in the future also. Terrible decision.

Also good news: next Saterday my youngest daughter Dorine is going to swim for her first swimmingcertificate. So keep you fingers crossed! We are very proud of her, ofcourse! She will be the youngest there.

Lots of hugs and love!

Thank you for stopping by and for your lovely comments.


Anonymous said...

{{{{Hugs}}} for you Carin, I know that can't be an easy decision for your family.

Good luck to your daughter for her swimming, I'm sure she'll do just fine.

Jan said...

Your project is coming along well, it is so bright and pretty, with those color changes.

I know you and your family have some very tough decisions to make concerning your father, wishing and hoping the best for you.

Here is to your daughter, know how proud you must be of her!

Loraine said...

What a beautiful project for the SAL. Oh, I wish I didn't have so many things to do!

I am keeping your Father in my prayers. Hope he will get better soon.

Your daughter is cute. Good luck to her. Good for you for getting her in swimming early!

Patti said...

It's a really sad day when your mother realises she can no longer care for your dad. But they will both be better off in the long run trust me I've been there, done that and got the T-Shirt!

I am so looking forward to our SAL - Susan has joined up too. So we are now three for the minute.

Good Luck to your dd Dorine for Sunday but I'm sure she doesn't need any.

Love Patti xxx

Deb said...

It so hard to see our parents getting older and realizing they can't take care of themselves. Lots of prayers to your family. Your fractal amazing!

Mylene said...

Your model is looking beautiful and that's a lovely project for the SAL. Looking forward to see your update with it.
Goodluck to Dorine this weekend.

Mãe da Rita said...

I hope all went well with Dorine, you and your family deserves a little happiness nowadays... I'm sorry for your father, it's very difficult when nothing much can be done for them. I hope your mother is recovering well. In what maters your works, your fractal is getting beautiful (what a patience you have!)and the doll house is simply adorable!! The sal is very interesting but I can't buy those kind of think in here (and I don't buy in net). After all, have a good Easter! MJ

Kajsa said...

It's so hard to take these decisions, you are doing a great job with your parents.

Your model looks great! I'm sending the snowman pattern to you when I get your address.