Saturday, January 31, 2009

Novels about cross stitch.

After reading the first three novels from Monica Ferris: Crewel World, Framed in Lace and A Stitch in Time, I decided to use a received token, by the largest online bookstore, for the next three novels.

I love Monica Ferris her books. They're easy and quick to read en kept you reading the story through the end.

In the meanwhile I put some more stitches on the Necessities Sampler, but I can't share a picture right now. The batteries from my camera are low, so I have to wait till tomorrow. I want to use it by the swimmingpool in the morning, while Dorine are gonna swim with clothes on for the first time.

Thanks for all the lovely comments, have a nice weekend.


Mãe da Rita said...

It's nice to discover some mystery books about cross stitch! I think I'll try to purchase one of them, in spite of my laziness for reading english in other places than blogs... Yours is very nice and I'm happy you're writing in english now ;-D I'll return. Greetings from Portugal (it rains in here...). MJ

Mãe da Rita said...

Hi again! Thanks for your visit. I love books, that's sure, even the cross stitch had to have books ;-D Did you try the translation (on the right)? It's not very good but it helps if you want to read something more. This night I'll post a PIF and you're welcome! Hugs, MJ