Saturday, January 10, 2009

Blog now in English.

Specially for my English bloggerfriends I changed the language in English. I will also post in English from now on. Please, don't blame me, if I make some misstakes though.:) Comments and hints are always welcome.

I'm very busy with Baubles January and I think that it's finished tomorrow. So come back one day later, and you will see if I made it!

Another huge goal for 2009 for me is, that I want to quit smoking. And I'm going to start tomorrow!!!! I'm very afraid that it's not going to work, but I want to give it a good try. I lost a couple of pounds first, so I hope that will be enough.


Patti said...

Hi Carin

Firstly thank you so much for changing the language to English but you really didn't have to - you could have put a Babelfish translator thing on the right or left of your blog and it works goog enough. Secondly GOOD LUCK with you giving up smoking. Your head has to be there to do it - I tried once and couldn't do it and the second time was a total doddle - I kept two packets of unopened cigarettes in the house all the time and when I wanted one I just said to myself that I could have one any time I wanted to and if I still wanted it in half an hour I could have it but somehow I never did and it's been at least 18 years now. GOOD LUCK and lots of love Patti xxx

Carin said...

Hi Patty,

I tried Babelfish, but I looks likes nothing.
I left some sigarettes too! Thank your for your kind words. Very good: 18 years!!!!

mainely stitching said...

Good luck with the blogging in English! I keep saying that if I had to blog in Dutch, I wouldn't be online much! LOL!

I actually found it easier to stop smoking than I've found it to lose weight. Good luck with it!!