Friday, January 29, 2010

Your opinion, please!

More than a month ago, I had my give-a-way for my first anniversary of my blog.
The winner never sent me her name and address. She doesn't react to messages on her blog or email. What should I do?
The give-a-way is still waiting for his next happy owner, but who?

By the way, I doesn't have any pictures to show yet. I started on my third project for my PIF-members(yes ladies, I haven't forget all of you!), and when I have enough time left I'm stitching on the Shores.
January is almost over fortunately, so I must get more time to stitch instead of working all the time.

Thank you for comments and stopping by. I appriciate them all very much.

Till next time, lots of love and hugs!


Deb said...

Carin, I think I would announce that she is the winner again and give her a week to respond. After that I'd just pull another winner. Waiting more than a month seems like too long for the winner to step forward.

ohiofarmgirl said...

I agree...draw a new name!!! Dianntha

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

I agree with Deb, Carin. Give it another try and then stop worrying about it! Her loss.....

Denise said...

Yes, I agree with Deb. Try again and if you still don't hear from her, have your second give-away!
Wishing you a wonderful weekend full of stitching....

Carin said...

I've sent her an email today, and the last day will be February 8th.
I think I will make number two happy then.
Thank you for you comments on this.

Janaina said...

Naaahh... forget #2! Send it straight to the sunny lands of Brazil!There's a very welcoming house here that would be a perfect home for your give away! Lol.
Kidding... I agree with the girls above! Her loss indeed! (by the way, not really kidding on you sending it to here! Lol)

Patti said...

Hi Karin, You did exactly the right thing. That is what I did and luckily enough for me she responded eventually.
Lots of Love
Patti xxx

Carin said...

Als iemand na herhaalde pogingen niet reageerd dan zou ik ook zeker een nieuwe naam trekken. Dit wordt op de meeste blogs gedaan. En wat jammer dat ze niet reageerd want wie wil nu niet zo'n mooi hart !

Carin said...

Fortunately she responded on my latest mail. The package was sent to her yesterday!
Thank you all for stoppig by and you comments on this.

Till next time...

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Carin I feel so bad that you never got the reply email that I sent you the first time about winning your wonderful giveaway and I so appreciate you sending me another email.
I really not sure why the mix up but I honestly did reply the first time and I told you to take your time mailing it with the holidays and all going on. So when I did not get it for a while I was happy that you took my advice about waiting.
Please do not think that I was not appreciative of it because I am. In fact I got it this morning from my neighbor. She brought it over from the next farm house over. It seems here lately our new mail man is leaving mail all over the place but thank goodness she was kind enough to send it to me.
I love the patterns and am looking forward to getting started on them so I can have them for next Christmas.
If you let me know who winner number 2 is I can copy these patterns and send them a copy.
Anyway I plan on doing a post about the lovely giveaway and sorry that you thought I was ignoring you.
I can not tell you how bad I feel
Thanks again