Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Santa Claus is almost coming to town!

Brrr.... it's really cold outside. Seven degrees below zero at night and one degree below zero at noon. That's why I could take this picture today.

The kids were both sick since last Friday, I couldn't go to work today. So I take the time to set up our Christmastree.

Sorry, no ornaments this year, but I'm going to change that for next year. I will follow the monthly club 3 "christmasornaments" from De Handwerkboetiek. I have to stitch one ornament per month. So I must end with twelve at the end of 2010.

Did you see Santa at the back? Look closer...

We all hope, that he brings lots of presents this year! lol

And ofcourse a progress picture. "Sailing home..."

And a little sneak peake of the sea from the shores.

Next Thursday the kids will have the annual Christmasdiner at school, so I have to spend some time in the kitchen that day. I going to make a lot of chees-croissants for Dorine's class and a special salad for Emma's class. I will take some pictures to show you later this week.

Lots of hugs and love, till next time...


Patti said...

I want to go to Dorine's class Christmas Dinner please? Ok I'll go to Emma's too and be healthy. I didn't stitch any ornaments this year and I'm really sorry about that but next year I definitely will stitch some and have some exchanges with friends and hope you will be one please.

Your Sailing Home is looking amazing and I hove your Santa that is climbing on his rope.

Lots of Hugs and Love
Patti xxx

Mylene said...

Good morning Carin! Brrrrrrr, sure it's cold and it's very windy here too.

Very good progress on Sailing home.

Oh, i was asked to prepare "warme worstjes in bladerdeeg" for Chris kerstdiner on thursday too.

Siobhan said...

Lovely decorations, Carin! Beautiful stitching, too. :)

Carin said...

je boor begint er al famntastisch uit te zien. Begin je aan de kerstornamentjes van Little House Needleworks? Ik zag zoveel verschillende clubs op de pdf file staan dat ik even niet weet welke je bedoelde.

Teena in Toronto said...

Looks like you're in the festive mood!

Happy holidays!

Happy blogoversary!