Thursday, April 16, 2009

OMG, the postman brings me a huge package!

Terri wants to sent me a small treat, to cheer me up! I was very surprised when the postman brings me a huge package from her today. And look what I found:

* two heart shaped boxes
* a kit from Blackbird Designs called Keepsake Box & Pinkeep incl. linen and thread
* Christmas Ornaments issue 2006 from Just Cross Stitch
* Sampler & Antique Needlework issue Spring 2009
* Premier Halloween Issue from Just Cross Stitch
* a Lunch-Pack (!) with original potato chips.

and... a very sweet personal note!

And that was not all of it. She even sent my two girls a sweet bag (one for each), filled with candy and a very cute Teddybear named Fuzz.

Look closely at this handsome bear
His texture is really quite rare
With golden highlights in his hair
He has class, style and flair!

"Thank you, mrs Terri from America!"

Terri, you made me speachless! I really don't know what to say and my thanks will never be enough. You made my day very sunny! I will never forget it, and so won't Emma and Dorine! Lots of love and hugs I'm sending to you.


Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Hi Carin! Wow! You got the package in less than a week!!! I'm glad you enjoyed your "pick me up" presents and I'm glad the girls liked their bears. I thought you might could use the heart tins to hold your stitching accessories.

Melissa said...

What a lovely and generous gift from Terri. She's a sweetheart. Your girls look so cute holding the bears!

Jan said...

Oh now, I know that Terri is a sweetheart! How good of her to remember you this way! The girls look so happy!:)

Anonymous said...

How sweet of Terri :) I'm sorry that your father isn't doing so well, I have been thinking of you both. Congratulations to Dorine too, she did great!

grace said...

Wow, what a sweet and loving gift. :) The girls are so cute with their teddy bears!