Sunday, February 22, 2009

I received an award! And my new stash from the fair!

I was totally surprised when I read the blog from Terri. She had given me an award: the Special Friends Award and "Love" Pendant. The description for this award reads:

"These blogs are exceedingly charming. These Kind bloggers aim to be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propogated. Please give more attention to these kind of writers. When you pass this award along please include these guidelines. I am to choose eight friends to share this with".

Thank you Terri for this wonderful award.
Now I'm going to pass this award to seven people. Although it's very hard to choose from all the lovely people I met here. Everybody have a special place in my heart!

I sent the award to:

1. Annemiek
2. Annemarie
3. Mylene
4. Barbara
5. Conny
6. Anne
7. Lisa

I've promised you a picture of my new stash from the fair in Zwolle. I'm very happy with it.

Thank you for looking, lots of hugs!


Conny said...

Have you enjoyed your day, Carin? You have gorgeous stash. I like the charts from JBW designs. If you look at my blog then you know why.

Conny said...

Thanks for the award. I'm very proud to get it from you.

Carin said...

Conny, I had a great time there. Was it smaller this year? I thought it was more in the past.
Yeah, the bunny, lovely is it? I bought also the dog from Annemiek.

And the award: you deserve it!

Patti said...

Hi Carin, Congrats on your award and you have bought some great stash. Have fun stitching it. Love Patti xxx

Annemarie said...

Okay, you were right. That *does* make me feel better:o) Thanks, Carin, that's very sweet of you! I'm so glad I got to knowyou!

Did you enjoy your day at the beurs? Unfortunately, I wasn't well enough to go, but ohhhh, how jealous I am of you! Great, great stash!

Mylene said...

Thanks so much for this award, Carin.
WOW! You have lots of stash from the 'beurs'. Wish it is not so far away from where we live.

ps.i've been trying to leave a comment the last days but it will not come through or rather the letters needed won't show, just an x! Hope it will work out now.
Hope you are having a good week.

Carin said...


I have sometimes the same troubles with the x on other blogs also. I keep trying and some moment it worked again. I don't know why this happens.

The "beurs" for me was a 90 minutes drive and 90 minutes back. But... it was worth it.

Have a nice week also!

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Carin, glad you got your award - you deserve it! I love your stash - especially the Primitive Needle Charts! Glad you had a good time, have a great weekend!