Tuesday, July 30, 2013

It's more than an year....

More than an year ago I posted my last message here. It wasn't a good year unfortunately.

Didn't stitch much on my stitching projects, and most important, my father passed away on September 16th, 2012. After a long time with Parkinson, his body gave up with a pneumonia. 

It's was hard to cope with, but slowly live come back. 
Summertime right now and a holiday in prospect with my family will keep me going. 

Early this year I've started as a student Law for a new business opportunity. 

Live goes on! 

My current stitching project is the Mystery Sampler from LHN:

Till next time....

Sunday, January 22, 2012

What have I been up to?

Just a simple answer: a lot! :)
Knitting, sewing, cross stitching, study, work, household, driving my children to korfball/hockey competition and training...

I will share the nice ones of it with you, so here are some pictures of progresses and new starts.
If you like, click on the pictures for a better look.

What's new?
I started today with my latest hobby: Tilda! Who's she or what is it? (click on the name for a look on the great website)

One of the seven books I own.

Tilda is a craft brand started by the Norwegian designer Tone Finnanger in 1999.

Tilda is most known for the whimsical, comical and naive characters in the form of animals and dolls. Tilda's world is without a doubt a feminine one, and the most recognisable features are the faces, with two dots for eyes and rosy cheeks.

The Tilda range consists of craft books and craft products for sewing and paper craft. The products are produced and distributed by Panduro Hobby and available in most of Europe. The books are also distributed to other parts of the world like USA, Australia and China.

I'm making a sort of "quilt" curtain. I've cut 30 blocks this afternoon, and it's now time for sewing them together. Fifteen for the front and the same for the back.
See the curtain in the upper left corner.

What's new also: knitting. Done it lots of years ago, and now I took the needles again.
First knitting a scarf for Dorine (orange) and then one for Emma (purple)!

Now a progress picture of my "old" hobby: cross stitch!
You all know that I'm currently working on ELIZABETH MINNICHS DECORATED TOWEL from the Carriage House Samplings. And this how it look this far:

On some days the postman (or woman) is very good to me. I've received my give-a-way present, and search through my stash for the right linnen and threads.

I'm gonna stitch it on 32-count Belfast Linnen with the recommended DMC, but I've changed some WDW in to Bluecoat Red and Hunter in stead of the pink and blue colours. I will also use some Wisper on some parts, but that will be a surprise.

At last but not least, I bought some new stuff and the postman brought it to me! :)
From Nina, my Facebook friend.

From De Handwerk Boetiek.

Thank you for stopping by and reading this post!
Till next time!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Look what I won!!!!

Unbelievable, just put my name in the comment for 1 day, and I won the give away from Carin. Feeling very lucky! Great start for a new year.

Vintage Christmas - Country Cottage Needleworks

Thanks again, Carin!

I didn't stitch today, so I'm putting my laptop down and go stitch some more on The Towel till bedtime!

Happy New Year for everybody!

Till next time....

Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy 2012!

For all my friends who visit my blog, the last couple of years!

City Sparkle images
Happy New Year Graphics

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Last week of the year! Time to look forward!

2011 was a terrible year: almost bankrupted with my company and my health.....

I hope you haven't forgot me, and forgive me for the long time I wasn't here.

This is the last week of 2011 and I'm looking forward, not looking back. That's the only way to keep going.
We had a great Christmas time with the family this year! And my girls are doing great... I love them so much.

Dorine (8 years) on the left and Emma (10 years) on the right

I've started stitching again and finished a couple of little christmas projects:

This week I'm not working, so I made the first stitches again on Elizabeth Minnich's Decorated Towel:
Row 3

I'm stitching row 4 right now.

My plans for 2012 is spending a lot of time with family and friends; blogging at least ones a week, stitching a lot, and....
I'm going to start my own designing company. This is something that I wanted to do for many years and I think I have to do it now and don't wait any longer. Why should I?
Life is to short, isn't it?!

Do you have plans for 2012? I'd like to hear them very much!

This is it for today. So till next time... lots of hugs!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

I'm still alive!

I'm still alive, but I'm having lot of troubles with my company, and I still have.
So that's why I hardly put any stitch right now.

I'm gonna survive this, and then I come back again.

First the holidays to look forward to, and then a new good time, I hope!

You're all in my mind.

Lots of love.... till next time!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011

More widgets at Widgia.com

I wish all my friends a very healthy and happy new year.

Lots of love and hugs, till next time...